Cloud hosted Employee Scheduling & resource management systems for the Manufacturing industry

Creating, maintaining, scheduling & descheduling shifts…all common headaches associated with manufacturing and plant scheduling. We’ve made irregular staff schedules a whole lot easier. CrewSense is easier and more accurate than any spreadsheet or paper based method in use today. Now, scheduling and resource management is made simple with just a few clicks of a button. No other system offers a customized solution for your Industries specific, and daunting – scheduling needs. Designed from the ground up as a powerful, flexible and easy to use employee resource management solution, such daily headaches like complex scheduling, de-scheduling, idling of lines and moving employees from one assignment to another can now quickly be solved with the CrewSense system.

Filling open positions for additional lines and activities are now a simple process that takes mere minutes. Alert all of your employees that match qualification – quickly – and watch in real time as your employees respond to the system. Turning a daunting task into a simple endeavor.

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Line / Shift Scheduling

Schedule employees online, from anywhere, and say goodbye to time consuming spreadsheets. Employees can view their work schedules from anywhere, submit availability and indicate their interest in open positions. Post un-filled CallBack’s to the Help-Wanted board for easy employee choosing.

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    Easy to Use

    Easily move employees from one assignment to another with drag and drop flexibility. Reschedule employees, de-schedule lines, move employees to a pending position, and more – all while maintaining complex staffing rules

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    Fair & Equitable Overtime

    Fill open shifts quickly, equitably and fairly using our CallBack feature

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    Shift Swaps

    Allow (or dont!) employees to find their own swaps via our integrated trade board, and ‘swap finder’.

Schedule your Labor force with the power of the CrewSense intelligence system.

Rules based daily scheduling. You dont even have to lift a finger.

Every Organization is unique and requires its own set of rules and procedures. The CrewSense system will accommodate any size workforce. Implement rules based scheduling using qualifiers and minimum staffing levels, and watch in real time as the system analyzes the daily schedule for any deficiencies. There is nothing else like it on the market.

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Finally, get off the phone and get back to leading your people.

Employee Resource Management

Easy tracking of member information, scheduled time on / off, shift trades, vacation accruals, payroll and more.

  • Group employees based on rank / titles and qualifications.
  • Post daily notes and reminders on the Crew Scheduler for your crews to see.
  • Store folders, files, documents, pictures and training videos in the File Cabinet.

Time Leave Management

Easily monitor and approve (or deny) time offs, trades and vacation – with multiple system settings and options available for your needs.

  • Track Time offs, overtime, sick leaves, vacations,FMLA, and more.
  • Allow employees to request time off, and have those requests appear instantly in the Crew Scheduler.
  • Easy time tracking and Payroll Reporting exports.

Communication Tools

Quicky and efficiently notify employees of ‘mission critical’ information. Send text messages, phone calls, alpha page, email or mobile app ‘push’ notifications instantly…and view their responses in real time.

  • Send alerts to your entire staff, or only certain groups or members.


Every Organization is unique and requires its own set of rules and procedures. The CallBack Staffing system will accommodate any size Organization, who need little or intense customization requirements. Ask us today how we can implement and tailor the system specifically for your needs. ‘Shell’ the system to include your logos, branding, and color-set to give your employees the ultimate ‘in-house’ experience….while we handle the back end.

  • Customizable CallBack and Hiring rules for open shifts – utilizing your Union rules or Policies.
  • Sorting and overtime hire back tracking.
  • Remove this tedious task from your managers. Literally watch as they push a button and walk away… no more placing phone calls to employees, leaving voice mails, dealing with upset employees, etc!