Cloud based Employee Scheduling & Workforce Management systems for Fire Rescue agencies


Whether your department is strictly volunteer, part-time or full-time staff; scheduling and resource management is made simple with just a few clicks of a button. CrewSense offers a customizable, rules-based solution for your agencies specific, and possibly, daunting – scheduling needs. Designed from the ground up as a powerful, flexible and easy to use employee resource management solution, such daily headaches as complex Fire Department scheduling rotations can be quickly added to the system.

Firefighter Scheduling

Schedule firefighters online, from anywhere and say goodbye to time consuming spreadsheets.

24/48, 48/96, 10/14, 12/12, Kelly Days, Modified Detroit; You know what those mean. Does your current scheduling system? All common rotations are already built into the system. If not, we’ll add it.

Easily move employees from one assignment to another with drag and drop flexibility. Reschedule employees, ‘bump ups’, floaters and more all while maintaining complex staffing and union rules

CrewSense interfaces directly with the best RMS platforms. No more double data entry!

Schedule your firefighters with the power of the CrewSense intelligence system.

Rules based scheduling means you can get back to leading your people.

Every Fire Department is unique and requires its own set of rules and procedures. The CrewSense system will accommodate any size Department. Implement rules based scheduling using qualifiers and minimum staffing levels, and watch in real time as the system analyzes the daily schedule for any deficiencies. There is nothing else like it on the market.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for your free 30 day trial today.

Finally, step away from the paper – and get back to leading your people.

Employee Resource Management – simplified.

Easily track of member information, scheduled time on / off, shift trades, payroll and more.

  • Group employees based on rank / titles and qualifications.
  • Post daily notes and reminders on the Crew Scheduler for your crews to see.
  • Store folders, files, documents, pictures and training videos in the File Cabinet.

Time Leave Management

Easily monitor and approve (or deny) time offs, trades and vacation – with multiple system settings and options available for your needs.

  • Track Time offs, sick leaves, vacations, kelly days, FMLA, and more.
  • Allow employees to request time off, and have those requests appear instantly in the Crew Scheduler.
  • Easy time tracking and Payroll Reporting exports.

Full Communication Platform

Quicky and efficiently notify employees of ‘mission critical’ information. Send text messages, phone calls, alpha page, email or mobile app ‘push’ notifications instantly…and view their responses in real time.

Send alerts to your entire staff, or only certain groups or members.

…and More!