Employee scheduling & resource management – redefined.

CrewSense is the leading platform for shift scheduling and
employee resource management for Public Safety, Manufacturing and Service Industries.

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Labor Scheduling

Union Contracts, CBA's, minimum staffing. We know it, because we lived it. Now a system that eliminates the tedious task of labor scheduling.

CrewSense Intelligence

An auto-pilot for daily staffing. Using rules you set; the CrewSense system will analyze your labor schedules and fill gaps. Moving employees around - or 'Calling Back' to fill openings.

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No other system offers the flexibility to schedule employees like CrewSense. Whether that is Fire Departments, Manufacturing or skilled labor – CrewSense can accommodate your specific scheduling and overtime rules.

Rules based scheduling, with intelligence.

Every Organization is unique and requires its own set of rules and procedures for daily staffing. Implement rules based scheduling using qualifiers and minimum staffing levels, and watch in real time as the system analyzes the daily schedule for any deficiencies – moving qualified employees automatically to fill voids, or performing a ‘CallBack’ to fill the open position. Employees are notified in real-time of any scheduling changes. You can run the Intelligence feature at anytime manually from within the Crew Scheduler, or have it set to automatically analyze future days; the possibilities are endless.

There is nothing else like it on the market.

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Unparalleled Features

The CrewSense platform offers powerful modules for scheduling, resourcing and managing your employees.

Easily create and fill schedules based on employee availability, seniority, hours worked, and more. Create, manage and distribute daily rosters and schedules with less headache. View schedules by Day, Week, or Month
Add special event and extra duty schedules. De-schedule, Idle and re-schedule lines / assignments (perfect for manufacturing). Track overtime, holdover, training, meetings, court appearances, and more.

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Ditch the auto-dialers and spreadsheets! Assign shifts through automated text, phone call, mobile app ‘push notifications’ and web interface… Save manager time and ensure fairness and equitability with your overtime / extra work shift distribution. Eliminate the tedious task of scheduling and notifying employees of open work shifts. Determine tie-breaker rules, place employees in multiple rotating lists, and more. Eliminate Overtime grievances. Employees will no longer complain they “never received a call” or aren’t being treated fairly for extra shifts! Detailed record logs are kept for every ‘CallBack’, allowing employees to quickly see their rankings, responses, notification methods, etc.

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A completely open and fair system – even for organizations that use complex Union or Policies; including hours based methods, rotating lists and more. Employees receive overtime ‘CallBack’ opportunities via their choice of text message, phone call, email or mobile app push notification. Your system is tailored and customized for your organizations custom rules. Implement labor / union contracts or binding agreement rule-sets with ease.

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Establish work type time tracking
Accrue hours based on pay periods, days, weeks or months
Deduct hours per your Organizations rules.

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Establish maximum work hour limits. Establish maximum work hour limits per day, week or month. Ensure Union, FLSA, and Obamacare compliance.
Reduce employee grievances and frustrations, eliminate the headaches and hours spent scheduling.

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Crew Scheduling – made simple.

  • Easily create and fill schedules based on employee availability, seniority, hours worked, and more.
  • Create, manage and distribute daily rosters and schedules with less headache
  • View schedules by Day, Week, or Month
  • Add special event and extra duty schedules
  • De-schedule, Idle and re-schedule lines / assignments (perfect for manufacturing)
  • Track overtime, holdover, training, meetings, court appearances, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

CrewSense is the most advanced online shift scheduling platform available. Shift scheduling, overtime / open shift filling, scheduling intelligence, resource management, notifications, time-off modules, payroll, trade-board, and more! With CrewSense, you’ll never have to place another phone call again trying to fill open work shifts.
If you’ve priced out professional, enterprise level labor scheduling systems before – then most likely, thousands less than you’ve seen! Simple “pay as you go” monthly pricing mean No long term commitments, No setup fees, No silly annual ‘service fees’, and No onsite hardware requirements. Visit our pricing page for more information. Short answer: $1.89 / per person, per month. That’s it.
Absolutely. Our system was built on an advanced messaging and voice platform. Open shifts are filled using our proprietary messaging system. You can also easily send messages to all of your employees, only employees in certain groups, or send messages to employees with certain rank / title. Employees receive these messages instantly via either Text (SMS), Alpha-Page, or our unique Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Phone System and their responses are logged instantly in our system for easy viewing.
95% of our customers are Government agencies and Public Safety providers. So you can bet we take reliability very serious. Our system is built on a rock solid cloud server and communication infrastructure. We utilize the latest in cloud computing and database server technology to provide an ultra reliable and redundant system. As long as you have access to the internet – you can utilize our system.
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Yes. We can implement custom overtime rules specific to your organization, or you can build custom methods via our CrewSense intelligence module. Maybe your employees are contacted in order of who has the least amount of overtime hours; or you ‘randomize’ the list for every overtime shift creating a truly randomize event; or you move employees to the back of the list each time they accept an overtime shift. Regardless of your rules, we can implement them easily!
Of course! We recognize that not all Organizations follow the same scheduling rules & procedures. This is due to differences in labor agreements, policies or operational guidelines. We can custom develop any feature, or even create new ones specific to your needs. Contact us today to find out more.
“…When we purchased CrewSense we had just secured appropriations for a software that was close to $40k with a reoccurring annual fee. CrewSense is $1.89 per person per month and there is no startup fee. We were skeptical about the price but we gave it a try. It has been the best software we have purchased in my tenure. It saves us a lot of time. Previously we had one person that did little more than staffing….”

All in one platform

Advanced scheduling & resource management with integrated communications functionality to handle staffing communications via phone, text (SMS), alpha page, or email with customized rules processing that automatically handles hirebacks based on your organization’s union, CBA, policy, department, and payroll rules.


Automate your workforce scheduling with our unique telecommunication platform. Employees are instantly notified and accept or deny open work shifts right away – all with minimal human interaction. Following your rules, the system is 100% fair & equitable – Cut time spent scheduling drastically. Automate time off, scheduling, trades and more!

Employee Resourcing

Reduce paper work, errors, and improve employee satisfaction. Time-off requests, shift trading, vacation planning and sick leave requests are all handled within an automated system – all while giving you total control to adjust or modify based on unforeseen situations.